For schools

Greatfulness Program (Primary)

Greatfulness combines the latest research in mindfulness meditation, positive psychology, gratitude & building resilience to offer a ‘Toolbox for Wellbeing’ for students at all stages of their education.  Parent engagement sessions are also available to provide practical advice and tools to parents that will assist their child’s mental health.

Teacher Wellbeing

Teachers today are expected to wear ‘many hats’. They are not just responsible for a child’s education but increasingly they assist with student wellbeing as well. Given all that is expected of our teachers, Jacqui understands it can be stressful. These wellbeing sessions have been designed specifically for teachers. Choose from a 1hr introductory session or work with Jacqui to customise a longer session with your teachers in mind. Six week courses can be also be arranged. Teachers will walk away from any of these sessions with new knowledge & practical skills that they can start applying straight away.

School Incursions

Do you need a one off session that has the ability to engage all students?  Jacqui runs incursions for all stages of the student journey or the entire school.  Choose from a wide range of topics that will empower students to think differently about their mental health and wellbeing. All sessions align with the new PDHPE syllabus & can be designed to meet your school’s specific needs.  



Increased self-awareness

Having a good sense of self can guide us in the right direction. When we become more aware of our thoughts & emotions we better understand what motivates us and why we act the way we do! Did you know that our thoughts/ feelings & behaviour are closely linked? Meditation can help us to create a sense of space so that we can develop our self-awareness and gain greater insight into our programming and habits.


Decrease worry & anxiety

Mark Twain once said ‘I’ve had alot of worries in my life, most of which never happened’. The human mind is complicated but once we understand where worry & anxiety stem from we can help ourselves to better manage these. Through meditation we can make positive changes to the way we react to worries and introduce a greater sense of calm into our daily lives.


Better focus & concentration

Have you ever tried working on something only to find your mind wandering off to your plans for the weekend? Our minds wander most the time but the good news is that meditation can help you train where your attention goes. Over time (& with regular practice) you can start to choose what you focus on & have greater control over your thoughts. This will do wonders for your focus & concentration.



When we are kind to ourselves we can find it much easier to be kind to others. We all deserve to be loved and nurtured and more importantly taught how to do this for ourselves. By giving ourselves ‘time in’ through regular meditation we are being kind to ourselves. A small act of kindness can literally change someones day and the best thing is it’s totally free.

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